Cerebral & Peripheral Doppler 

The carotid arteries, are located on each side of the neck and carry blood from the heart to the brain. Ultrasound provides detailed pictures of these blood vessels and information about the blood flowing through them. Blockages of the carotid arteries can lead to strokes. Ultrasound provides a risk free non-invasive way to look at these blood vessels and determine if there is a significant blockage that may require treatment to reduce the risk of a stroke.


Venous Doppler 

Venous ultrasound provides pictures of the veins throughout the body. If the study is being performed to look for thrombus or blood clots in the veins in the arms or legs, the transducer may be used to compress your veins. The ability or inability of the veins to be compressed helps exclude or confirm the presence of clot in the veins.