Roche K Wolffe is a Registered Bermudian Sonographer with the American Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers with over 15 years of longstanding experience.  She has worked at Bermuda Hospitals Board, various overseas hospitals and clinics, as well as local private offices and clinics. Roche has mastered all scanning techniques that involve abdominal, obstetrical, gynecology, vascular, small parts and invasive and non-invasive procedures.


Throughout her journey she remained focused on establishing positive relationships with physicians as well as patients and has built a reputable relationship with her colleagues. Roche has a very personable approach when it comes to the comfort of her patients. When explaining exam procedures and techniques along with reassurance, patients feel more at ease. Roche takes the time out to listen to the patient’s clinical concerns that have been acknowledged by their physician. This field of expertise suits Roche along with her personality professionalism.


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